Why Build Green?

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At AFG Builders we are committed to utilizing EarthCraft standards to provide you with a house that is comfortable, healthy, energy efficient, and good for the environment.

Energy Savings
By combining an ICF (Insulation Concrete Form) structure that provides an airtight seal, with Energy Star appliances, and energy efficient windows and doors, you can see a savings of 30-45% on your utility bills. Savings vary depending on the design and size of your home, and your personal consumption.

In addition, there are also benefits to the environment. If one household in 10 used Energy Star heating and cooling equipment, the change would prevent 17 billion pounds of air pollution and save about $1 billion in electricity costs.

Healthy Comfortable Home
The materials used in the building and maintenance of a home contribute to environmental problems, and can be detrimental to the health of individuals with asthma and allergy problems. By using building materials like carpet, wood flooring, paint, low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), these indoor pollutants are reduced or eliminated.

In addition, by building an energy efficient house, cold spots and overheated rooms are eliminated, and many homeowners reported reduced dust and more comfortable humidity levels in winter and summer.

Conservation and Reducing Waste
By installing a solar water heating system, gray and rain water reclamation and low-water landscaping, practicing water conservation becomes the standard for the homeowner. In addition, as a green builder AFG Builders recycles many of the framing materials, including shredding sheetrock and using as organic matter around the trees.

"We sought to build a sustainable house with low energy usage without sacrificing beauty, and the house is winning rave reviews for both design and environmental integrity.
Bahns Stanley, Homeowner of a EarthCraft Home built by AFG Builders

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