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Building Green in AtlantaMike LaBelle - Atlanta Earthcraft Certified Builder

A passion for solid quality building starting from the foundation up, and the ability to evolve have always been driving forces for Mike LaBelle, owner and president of Atlanta-based AFG Builders.

Focusing on framing in the 1980's, LaBelle started AFG Builders (Atlanta Framing Group), and framed many of Atlanta's largest homes, ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 square feet. Moving to remodeling in 2000, he became a general contractor in 2004. His homes have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and other publications.
After becoming a Certified EarthCarft Home Builder early in 2008, LaBelle moved into the realm of Green Building for larger homes in the Atlanta area. Until only recently, building larger green homes had not been considered cost efficient or environmentally possible. Proving these beliefs wrong, LaBelle recently finished a 7,000 square foot home with a backyard cistern for irrigation. The $1.4 million build also features a high-efficiency furnace, energy-efficient Kolbe windows, and Icynene Foam Insulation.

On another recent build, also a 7,000 square feet home, LaBelle installed a solar hot water system and a graywater tank for showers -- which allow the water to be reused into toilets for a 30% water savings. With a value of $2.5 million, this project has been entered into the annual ICF Builder Award Competition.

"Even though they're big, I think we can still do a lot with these homes by using the earth, sun, and recycling the water used within the house. We have the technology and the resources to stop relying on building solutions harmful to the environment."

Mike LaBelle, AFG Builders

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Southern Building Showcase

AFG Builders current project is a 6,800 square foot green build that will serve as the 2009 Southern Building Showcase home. The $1 million dollar project will utilize a solar hot water system, high efficiency furnace, and Icynene Foam Insulation, as well as other green features.

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